This course has been designed to help participants transform their passion and ideas into a viable business. The course will explore and apply relevant business models and concepts intended to help students “think outside the box”. Students will be challenged to explore different activities as a starting point for entrepreneurial success.

What We Do

Tech development

This course has been designed to help participants transform their business ideas into viable products such as websites and apps. Students at the end of this class will

  • - Gain Programming skill

  • - Website design skill

Creative DESIGN

After the course students will have great skills in graphic designing, they will have knowledge in the following:

  • Using photoshop to solve the branding needs of clients 

  •  Creating Logos for clients

  •  Designing advertising ads

  •  Designing T shirts.


   Students will also be able to:

  • Make decisions – to weigh costs, pros and cons

  •  Operations analysis – to decide what is needed to create an effective design

  • Teamwork – to work well with others

  • Creative thinking – to formulate new ideas

  • Visualization – to see how the final product will look

  • Fluency of ideas – to be able to generate several creative options on a regular basis


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